Brainwash is a student-run online publication that seeks to push boundaries, inform the student body and school community, and serve as an outlet for creative expression. Preserving freedom of expression is at the core of who we are, holding fast to First Amendment rights. Our publication strikes a balance between factual and opinionated pieces, working to inform students on subjects relating to our campus and beyond.

Olga Kiyan
Editor in Chief
A senior at NBPS, Olga is excited to start her fourth year with the amazing Brainwash team as the Editor-in-Chief. She loves to learn, ballroom dance with her brother, and, of course, write for Brainwash! She hopes that everyone can find something that intrigues and interests them among the many different styles of writing offered by this publication.
Justin McCulloch
Executive Editor
Justin wants to live in a world where everyone participates in democracy and all people are equal. When he’s not News Editor, you can find him arguing about politics, watching Highlander for the 1000th time, or polishing his cup collection. Be sure to look for my work in News section.

Alec Gordon
Managing Editor
Alec wants to live in a world where he can run a mile in under 4 minutes, where the Panthers win the Stanley Cup, and where every Will Ferrell movie gets played on repeat. When he’s not Opinion Editor, you can find him running for the NB cross country and track & field teams, or working with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to fund research for childhood cancer. Be sure to look for his work in the Opinion section!

Ben Curtis
Sports Section Editor
Ben likes the feel of a new suit, and his best friend Baxter. He has many leather-bound books, and his apartment smells of rich mahogany. When Ben is not playing baseball, soccer, or clarinet, he is reciting the “Miracle” speech to whomever will pretend to listen.

Gianna Milan
Section Editor
Gianna wants to live in a world where books come to life, chocolate grows on trees, and it’s possible to experience all four seasons in Florida. When she’s not writing for Brainwash as Lifestyle Assistant Editor, you can find her at the piano, being enthusiastic about all genres of music from classical and opera to jazz and Hamilton, running the great outdoors, enjoying some poetry or a YA novel, spending time with family, or writing just for fun. Be sure to look for my work in all sections, mostly Lifestyle.
Dylan Rosenthal
News Section Editor
Dylan Rosenthal wants to live in a world where you can always have fun. When he’s not being the Assistant News Editor for Brainwash, you can find him watching Netflix, reading a book, or doing homework. Be sure to look for my work in the News section.

Alejandro Gonzalez
Assistant Editor
Alex wants to live in a world where everyone gets what they want. When he’s not being the awesome Assistant Opinion Editor he is, you can find him drawing super cool stuff or playing video games. Be sure to look for his amazing work in the Opinion section!
Bryan Edwards
Staff Writer
Bryan Edwards is represented by the color purple. A classic story representing extreme perseverance. A culture with the main mission of forging ahead and striving as a team. A restaurant that is speedy and efficient. A rain that that signifies love and support. A color that encompasses power, in which he hopes to spread among our global community.

Eitan Pessah
Assistant Editor for Lifestyle, Arts, and Sports
Eitan Pessah is a junior at North Broward. This is his second year as a part of the Brainwash team and he is very excited to be writing again during the school year! Eitan enjoys playing soccer, reading, writing, and theatre. His favorite book series is the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus series. A fun fact Eitan wants to share is that his favorite superhero is Wolverine.

Regina Zavadzkas-Garza
Staff Writer
Hello, my name is Regina Zavadzkas-Garza. I’m passionate about a few things, although I like to think that I do well in the activities that I am passionate about. Those things do include music of course, but do not exclude the life sciences and writing which have always been my more quiet interests. An interesting fact about myself is that my first language is Spanish.

Rachel Gelb
Photo Editor
In her free time, Rachel Gelb loves waterskiing and playing with her dogs. Over the summer she spends her time at a sleepaway camp in Pennsylvania. As the photo editor, she hopes to make brainwash come to life with vibrant and captivating photos.
Ryan Heller
Staff Writer
Ryan Heller is a senior at North Broward.  He is a captain on both the cross country and track teams, along with the drumline and percussion section in the North Broward band program.  Aside from his love of running and music, Ryan has a deep passion for writing.  He hopes to bring his unique perspective of the sports world and share it with the rest of the school.  This is his first year as part of the Brainwash team and he is excited to be a staff writer.

Julia Singhal
Staff Writer
Julia is a senior at North Broward and this is her third year as a member of Brainwash. She was previously the Lifestyle Editor, but looks forward to being a staff writer in her last year as part of the Brainwash team. You can usually find her in the art room or with friends. Be sure to look for her work in any of our wonderful sections!
Jenna Burns
Jenna Burns is a junior at North Broward. This is her first year being part of Brainwash but has been writing independently for years. She is very excited to join the team and share her articles. In her free time, she enjoys photography, video editing, soccer, scientific research, and creative writing.

Samantha Hreschak
Staff Writer
Samantha Hreschak wants to live in a world where peace thrives and magic lives. When she’s not being the assistant arts editor, you can find her making art or working on an animation concept, and even sometimes making a blog! Be sure to look for my work in the arts.

Evan Von Oehsen
Website/Technology Editor