Due to the success of this year’s inaugural Rotten Bowl, Commissioner Goodell has made an announcement that will make all sports enthusiasts jump out of their chairs and race to StubHub. He announced the continuation of “The Rotten Bowl,” which debuted a few weeks ago in San Diego. The Rotten Bowl, similar to this year, will be a game hosted in the third worst team’s stadium starring the two worst teams of the NFL season. After the complications of this year, with QB Robert Griffin III’s cleats being stolen following their 31-21 victory over the Titans, Commissioner Goodell has not released a date for the next game to be held.


Criticism arose following Goodell’s announcement. There was a dramatic decrease in ticket sales in Houston for the Super Bowl, compared to previous years, as fans found it more intriguing to visit Legoland in the brisk cool air of San Diego opposed to travelling down to the dreaded heat in Houston. This raised an outcry in Texas with critics claiming unfair treatment of the community in Houston, noting all of the hard work that went into the arrangement of the Super Bowl that now seems discredited. Most importantly, the critics don’t believe the Rotten Bowl should draw publicity away from the Super Bowl since they occur so close to each other.


However, many proponents are infuriated by the critics comments as they are fired up to see next year’s Rotten Bowl take place. The Rotten Bowl II will be a matchup between the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers in Chicago’s Soldier Field. The supporters addressed the critics’ first point by arguing that the two fan bases would certainly not attend a game in windy Chicago during the months of February or March. Therefore, the ticket sales would increase for the Super Bowl, especially after the lack of attendance for Rotten Bowl I. Also, the supporters address that Houston overestimated the amount of fans that would travel to their city, and their miscalculations should not force the discontinuation of a new and exciting tradition. However, some of these arguments may have to be devalued as they come from the “Browns Nation” who now have been awarded two extra first round picks in the upcoming NFL Draft after grabbing a victory in Rotten Bowl I.


Despite the controversy, imagine what the Rotten Bowl would be like between the Browns and 49ers. With the Browns having a 1-15 season, it should be no surprise that the 49ers will have the upperhand in the matchup. With controversial QB Colin Kaepernick and RB Carlos Hyde, San Francisco will be able to run for miles against Cleveland’s tenuous defense. If the 49ers can turn on their lackluster wide-receiving core, including Torrey Smith and Jeremy Kerley, Rotten Bowl II should be over before the coin is flipped. The only chance Cleveland can have to make push for victory is if RBs Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson Jr. can turn on the jets behind the Brown’s formidable offensive line unit. A huge amount of help will also be required from standout WR Terrelle Pryor, but the question becomes if QB Cody Kessler can deliver the ball to him. Rotten Bowl II will been a lopsided ball game controlled by a dull offense up against a defective defense. It will be interesting to see how the cold wind blasting off Lake Michigan will affect the game.


The Rotten Bowl was an exciting addition to the NFL community, but continues to be a topic of much controversy. Many people still believe that the morality behind the game is flawed since it promotes the new generational idea that losers can still be rewarded. Many believe that if this false idea is displayed on a national scale, it will continue to push society’s ideals in the wrong direction. It will be very interesting to see if any changes are made with Rotten Bowl II, especially since the rumors about a round of playoffs featuring the worst teams of the league may come to fruition!


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Who do you believe will be in Rotten Bowl III next year? Which team will win between the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers? Do you believe it will be a moral problem? Comment below!

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