Every year, millions of Americans try their best to do what no one has done before: fill out a perfect March Madness bracket. According to SI.com, the odds of filling out a perfect March Madness bracket are 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,777,808, or about 1 in 9.2 quintillion. With that being said, some people try their best by creating brackets with interesting methods to determine winners of the games. I have heard stories of people who would pick winning teams based off of which school’s primary color came first in the rainbow, which school was closer to the equator, and which school had a “cooler sounding name.” This year, I decided to test my own theory in bracket predictions by creating a March Madness bracket based off of which school mascot would win in an all-out brawl.  I will start with my Elite 8 games and finish with my national champion. Enjoy.




#13 East Tennessee State BUCCANEERS vs. #2 Duke University BLUE DEVILS – In our only “human vs. human” game of the Elite 8, the swashbuckling Buccaneers face off against the Blue Devils (I mean, I guess they are human-ish?). The Buccaneers fight hard, but just can’t seem to land enough hits on the nimble Blue Devils. Duke has been battle-tested already, with key wins over Trojans and even more Trojans (Troy and USC). They take down some pirates.

Victor – #2 Duke University BLUE DEVILS


#10 VCU RAMS vs. #14 Bucknell BISON – The VCU Rams had a relatively easy time making it to the elite 8, powering past the Florida St. Seminoles in the previous round with their strong horns and offensive attacks. They get their first real test when the Bucknell Bison come stampeding into town. A battle of power vs power, this duel would be one for the ages. However, the Bison ended up being all too much for the Rams, who were unable to handle the sheer power of the Bison. Down goes VCU.


Victor – #14 Bucknell BISON


#9 Michigan State SPARTANS vs. #7 Michigan WOLVERINES – In a famed rivalry game, the Spartans face off against the Wolverines, but this time it’s not in a game of football or basketball. The mighty men of Sparta clash with the fearsome wolverines hailing from Michigan. Even though this is not as intense of a battle as the Peloponnesian War, the Spartans walk away with an easy victory, slaying the land mammals and sending them home.


Victor – #9 Michigan State SPARTANS


#16 Texas Southern TIGERS vs. #14 Kent State GOLDEN FLASHES – The Kent State Golden Flashes. Please let me know how any mascot out there can beat lightning. Tigers most definitely can’t beat lightning. Have you ever seen a tiger beat lightning before? Last week I saw a video of a tiger taking a nap. You think lightning takes naps when it’s tired? Golden Flashes secure the W.


Victor – #14 Kent State GOLDEN FLASHES




#2 Duke University BLUE DEVILS vs. #14 Bucknell BISON – The key to this matchup is the Blue Devil’s cape. Important to note is that prior to the beginning of the game, the Blue Devil had his cape painted red. Then, like a matador, the Blue Devil waved his cape to the side repeatedly, causing the Bison to become distracted and worn out. Once the Bison was completely exhausted, the Blue Devil delivered the punishing blow. Game. Set. Match.


Victor – #2 Duke University BLUE DEVILS


#9 Michigan State SPARTANS vs. #14 Kent State GOLDEN FLASHES – In a matchup that you won’t most likely see on the big screen, the Spartans get a much tougher opponent in the Golden Flashes. Kent State did some pregame research and spoke with some Thebans (yes, I did my research) about certain strategies to defeat the Spartans. With varying thunderbolt and mini spark strikes, Kent State adds on to their list of wins.


Victor – #14 Kent State GOLDEN FLASHES




#2 Duke University BLUE DEVILS vs. #14 Kent State GOLDEN FLASHES – Kent State’s lightning quick defense on the Blue Devils attacks didn’t seem to discourage Duke too much, as Duke kept pushing forward in the second half. In a game that went down to the wire, Kent State just seemed to be too electrified and experienced to lose at the hands of the Blue Devils. Kent State is your 2017 March Madness: Mascot Mayhem National Champion.


National Champion – #14 Kent State GOLDEN FLASHES


Photo Credit: NCAA.com


What are your thoughts on my March Madness Bracket? What do you think Kent State’s chances are to win the championship? Which mascot would you have winning it all? Comment below!

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