Florida, the home to oranges, Disney, and lots of old retirees, has decided to leave the United States of America. Many are wondering what could have stimulated such a drastic political movement? The answer lies somewhere in the swampy mix of presidential debacles, higher taxes imposed by the federal government, and a fear of sinking underwater. Focusing on the last of these issues, Florida has been worried for years that in the future our beloved state will begin to descend into the waters that surround it. Preparations have been made by our governor, Rick Scott, since his appointment in 2011, to take precautions should Florida sink prematurely.


Governor Rick Scott also explained Florida’s plan to secede from the U.S. The bill was agreed to and passed only a few days ago. It entails a new currency, an expansion of territory, and a guideline to how Florida will continue its interactions with the rest of the United States. All Florida residents who currently possess a U.S. passport will still maintain their citizenship, however it will now be considered dual citizenship. Military and economic support has been promised to Florida until we can provide these necessities on our own. Governor Rick Scott has stated that there will be elections for Florida’s first president in Tallahassee, which will remain the capital city for now.


Florida is expecting some dissonance though in regards to its international relations. Many European leaders have stated that they will acknowledge this new nation, to be formally known as “The Sovereign Nation of Florida.” However, some Asian territories, namely North Korea, have voiced their rejection of the new country.


Personally, I am on the fence about this decision to make Florida its own sovereign nation. There are pros and cons to the whole situation. Greater autonomy for Florida in a political sense could lead to many more developments and a stronger Florida. The population is also split on whether or not this is a solid move for our people going forward.


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How do you feel about Florida’s secession? What troubles do you feel we may face? Send any concerns you may have to Governor Rick Scott’s office to let him know about your worries.

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