They never believed it would happen. However, starting April 4th the Trump administration will be, for the most part, replaced by their Saturday Night Live counterparts. Most of you are wondering, “What in the name of Trump is going on here?” I promise you that this is 100% verified by Kellyanne Conway, who claimed that this new administration will be what she coined an “alternative government.” How is it that a celebrity, like a cast member of SNL (or The Apprentice for that matter) could become the most powerful man in the free world? Well, hmmm, I guess we just answered our own question. Anyway, this breaking story is YUUUGEE.

It all started with the landmark Supreme Court case, In Living Color vs. George H.W. Bush, in which it was decided that if the majority of the American people voted in favor (not tallied by the electoral college), the administration of the sitting president maybe replaced by comedic entertainers. The decision was then made into law as the Dana Carvey Satirical Empowerment Act (DCSEA). In a recent referendum vote, 97% of Americans voted to invoke the DCSEA and put an end to the administration of Donald Trump.

From April 4th until the end of what should have been President Trump’s term, the United States shall be governed by the cast of SNL. President Trump shall be replaced by none other than Alec Baldwin. President Trump has been critical of Baldwin but will soon have to hail him as the nation’s new chief. Vice President Pence will also get the boot and be replaced by SNL cast member and look alike, Beck Bennett. In addition, The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson will be replaced by impression master Jay Pharoah. However, the most essential and praiseworthy switch will be that of Kate McKinnon, who will wear two caps, serving as both Counselor to the President by replacing Kellyanne Conway, and Attorney General, letting Jeff Sessions off the hook. We are still waiting to hear back from Melissa McCarthy.

Whether you like the current administration or not, there’s no denying that the Baldwin-Bennet administration will be something special that we can all look forward to. If you think this administration was a living meme, you ain’t seen nothing yet!!!

April Fools!

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What do you think about the incoming SNL administration? What do you hope their agenda will focus on?

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