In a series of leaks by anonymous sources last night, Mike Pence was revealed to be the person wiretapping Donald Trump.

In a phone interview early this morning, Pence assured us that, “This conversation is NOT being recorded,” and said that he wiretapped Trump “under orders from… uhh…Obama!”

He also stated that it was “surprisingly easy” to wiretap Trump’s phones, and that in the process of doing so, he noticed that “12 other wiretaps were already installed, and 5 of them were inscribed with Russian text!”

When we asked him how he knew the text inscribed on the wiretaps was in Russian, the call was disconnected. We have not been able to reach Pence since then.

Trump, when asked to comment, refused, citing the “second – err – fifth amendment, which guarantees me the right to defend myself against the fake news media, which includes Brainwash. And who knows, maybe I’m wiretapping Pence!”

We are expecting the tweets to begin shortly, stay tuned to see just who’s tapping whom…

April Fools!

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Seriously, are we getting kind of tired of all this wiretapping absurdity?

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