The 2016-17 school year brought a brand new, Assistant Dean of Students to NBPS. In addition to Dean Mays, we’ve now got Dean Watts, whom we’ve all come to know and love for his super dress-code-checking skills. At first, we all thought, Come on, isn’t one dean enough? But – surprise – the search for the new Dean is never over!!

That’s right. Next year, we will see not one, not two, but THREE Deans at NBPS. Thankfully, a nationwide search was not necessary to find the third one. The school has the perfect person for the job already on the payroll.

NBPS jazz band director Mr. Dean Eaves will serve as the new third Dean in the 2017-18 school year. He shall go by the name “Dean Eaves” … which is rather funny because his real name is actually Dean Eaves. And guess what?? His only task will be to make sure you’ve got a belt on. Dean Eaves says he’s “beyond thrilled” to begin his position as the official belt-checking Dean next year alongside continuing as jazz band director. Yay!

If you forget your belt, you will have to face dire consequences. The punishments may vary from sitting in a detention with Dean Eaves or, if you’re one of his students, even worse: practicing scales and arpeggios in the band room or something awful like that.

So WHO’S EXCITED to welcome Dean Dean?!?

April Fools!

Photo credit: Gianna Milan

Are you excited that Mr. Eaves is getting this great promotion? Are you going to make sure you buy more belts over the summer to prepare for next year?

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