North Broward’s school logo is changing once again! You read that correctly. The updated logo is simplistic and modern, displaying the new owner of our school proudly at the bottom. Due to this important change, all North Broward Prep uniforms with the current logo will be invalid by May 2017. With the exception of those graduating this year (2017), all students are expected to wear exclusively uniforms with the new logo.

Starting in April, there will be a three-week grace period in which the current (soon-to-be outdated) uniforms will still be allowed. However, after those three weeks, any student who is found by either Dean Mays or Dean Watts (or even Dean Eaves!) to be wearing a uniform without the new logo, will be sent to the Dean’s office and could be considered for expulsion after three warnings. A new rule also states that both middle school and high school students will now be expected to keep their shirts fully tucked in during school hours, in accordance with the updated handbook.

By now you might be pretty upset, but it isn’t all bad news! In addition to the new logo, the uniforms themselves are being updated; North Broward has partnered up with Dennis Uniform to increase the range of options allowed. New additions to the uniforms include neon green, orange, and purple polos, to celebrate the diversity of the student body here at North Broward. In addition to this, boys now have the option to wear plaid bowties on formal dress days, adding another option to the usual blue and gold striped tie that has up to this point been a staple of the dress uniform. White blazers, dress pants, and ties, and pink dress shirts will also be available starting in August of the 2018 school year, so there is a lot to look forward to in the future. Dennis Uniform will begin selling the updated polos in mid-April, with vests and blazers expected to be ready soon after, in early May.

April Fools!

Photo credit: Evan Von Oehsen

What do you think about our school’s new logo and uniform policy? Will you proudly wear the new uniform for Wacky Tacky day? Comment below!

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