It’s April and that means for most Seniors the college application and acceptance process is just about over. However, the college journey for the Juniors is just beginning and will continue until this time next year. As I walk through the hallowed corridors of Lakeside Hall, I can almost guarantee that I will overhear a conversation between a group of students about their choice of colleges. I will hear names like Harvard and Yale, maybe a few Stanfords. However, it seems that my classmates have overlooked what probably is the number one college/university that has ever existed; The Electoral College, Home of the Faithless Electors.
The Electoral College was founded in 1787 by Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, making it one of the oldest and most selective colleges in the nation. The Electoral College has a campus in each U.S. state, making it very accessible to the general public.

Now that you know the history of the Electoral College, you may be wondering: how does one get into this excellent institute of higher learning? Well, the beauty of the Electoral College is that there is virtually no application process. All you need is to be appointed by your college counselor and write a 538-word essay on why the people of California are worth five times as much as the people of Indiana. That’s it. It’s that simple. In fact, the United States wants you to stay in the Electoral College as long as you can. The Electoral College may get a bad rap, but it is by far the only way that education can be done correctly.

While it may not be the most POPULAR of education choices, in a recent VOTE, the people of the United States ranked the Electoral College as the #1 school in every subject imaginable. At the Electoral College you will have the educational experience of a lifetime as long as you stay true to the creed of the Electoral College, “Democracy is overrated.” If you get into the Electoral College, you will join the ranks of these notable alumni: Barack Obama, George Bush, and Bill Clinton. I hope to see you all on campus in a few years!

April Fools!

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Will you be applying to the Electoral College? Are you smart enough to understand this article?

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