The Brainwash April Fools’ Day issue, traditionally released on April 1st, is a hallowed North Broward tradition. This year, tradition will be broken.

The April Fool’s issue is typically filled with humorously false articles designed to make readers laugh. Today, however, the Brainwash editorial staff released a statement announcing that since this year’s Brainwash team is actually “super boring” and article ideas were “the complete opposite of funny,” they would be moving the April Fool’s issue back to May.

“This whole thing was a disaster,” said News Editor Justin McCulloch. “I told one writer to read The Onion for inspiration, and he was like, ‘how’d you learn to read food?’”

Reports indicate that the April Fool’s issue was on shaky footing from the start. At the March staff meeting, almost all of the ideas presented were serious. When senior editors proposed an article about a chicken crossing a road, Staff Writer Reid Berman suggested a piece on the psychoanalysis of chickens and the recent inroads bird psychologists have made in the field.

“I’ve always been passionate about chicken psychology,” said Berman. “Sometimes I put some KFC on the couch and ask it questions about its childhood. I don’t care if the April issue isn’t funny – this is the important news our readers need.”

All in all, such a staggering amount of serious, reputable journalism was deemed intolerable. Brainwash still plans to release these serious articles on April 1st, but will push the sillier April Fools’ issue back to May while the editors consult comedic experts.

April Fools!

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How do you feel about Brainwash’ decision to break tradition? Do you think this issue is super boring?

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