Lights, camera…ACTION! Will you be the star of North Broward’s brand new reality show: Regal Eagles:

The students at North Broward are soon to become reality TV stars for all the world to see. The Drama department is spearheading a new reality show that will prove that life at North Broward is 98236487169% better than life at Pine Crest or other private schools. The first two episodes were rumored to showcase the thrilling, hair-raising battle between Edwin the Eagle and Patrick the Panther. Don’t worry, it won’t be too violent! It will most likely be an arm-wing wrestling match or something.

After that, a day-in-the-life of the students here at North Broward will be showcased. Apparently, they are going the whole 9 yards…I mean, the whole 9 yards. Students will have to run 9 yards on the football field to show that they are healthy and they have a fun time here at school! The cameras will also be showcasing a day-in-the-life…all day, everyday. You can have a chance to show the world the intricate details of your life like what you eat for dinner, how you sleep, what brand of toothpaste you use, and other thrilling activities that make up your exciting days.

Whether the show is renewed for a second season or not will depend on all you North Broward students…how interesting can you make your lives for the cameras?

This show is totally one that you don’t want to miss! You can watch it on the new North Broward channel that’s also in the making. This channel will also have live eagle mascot and eagle cams and documentaries, as well as the latest NB News. So make sure you tune in, get involved, and get interesting, quick!

April Fools!

Photo credit: theodysseyonline

Will you be starring in Regal Eagles? Or will you be the show’s biggest fan? April Fool us in the comments!!

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