*Warning: this article contains spoilers, so if you have not yet seen this movie, proceed at your own risk.*


Among the movies being released this year, perhaps the one receiving the most buzz recently has been the Disney’s live-action production of a classic fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast. Countless people have been impatiently waiting for this movie’s release, excited to once again relive the excitement and magical feel of this story. Who wouldn’t want to once again dive into this story about love and loss, acceptance and hope?  


Aside from the anticipation for this tale old as time itself, one factor that has contributed to the widespread anticipation for this movie is the interest in learning how this story was interpreted and how it might have been changed. Some of these changes had already been revealed to the public prior to the movie’s release. This includes the inclusion of an openly gay character, as well as Belle being an inventor, and a deeper backstory for the Beast and Belle’s mother.


However, there is one change that has been kept under wraps, but that completely changes the storyline. To the surprise of all movie watchers, at the end of the movie, when Belle falls in love with the Beast, instead of him transforming back into a human, she transforms into a beast like him. “This change was meant to symbolize that love is about more than appearance,” a worker on the set said. “By turning into a beast as well, Belle further solidifies the message of acceptance of others regardless of looks, showing that it’s what on the inside that matter most.”


While opinions about this change have been mixed, one thing is certain: Beauty and the Beast is a wonderful story about love and acceptance, and that is a message that lasts through the ages.


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